Why your business needs a wonderful static website?

Static website design consist of ready-made pages (HTML, JS, graphics, fonts) uploaded to the server. Significant advantages of static sites: high-speed loading of pages and increased resistance to burglary. Also, sites from static pages can withstand much greater attendance than their dynamic "colleagues" without problems.

Static Websites and web- designing

They are pages mainly focused on displaying permanent information. These websites are created by the HTML language, which does not allow great freedoms to create effects or functionalities beyond the links. However, making use of other resources, we can obtain very good results becoming pages very similar to the dynamics in when to its visualization is concerned.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of static website pages is not only how economic they can be but more. They can fulfill the desired expectations, with modern and functional design including the images and the text that you want to keep available at all times. These webs have a much lower cost than dynamic web sites. Business websites, blogs, product catalogs, documentation for software products and technical devices are more conveniently made static. For such sites, you might need a dynamic part - comments, search, user's cabinet, and page creation. The active part will help to implement third-party tools or extensions to the generators.

Why prefer static web site designing by Optimum Logic

Dynamic website designs are built making use of other programming languages, and are designed mainly with PHP. PHP is a scripting language with which we can define the functions and characteristics that must be met according to our needs.

You should know that the dynamic site:

  • Is easier to hack
  • Is often disfigured over time by unresolved updates and bugs
  • Takes time (especially for maintenance)
  • Is much more subject to bugs and technical problems

Major advantage of the static web site designing is its total graphical customization. It is possible to make rounded shapes, custom menus (necessarily online), etc. that are impossible to realize with a CMS (where blocks manage everything). Static sites can, thus, be much more personalized and original aesthetically. Note that you can buy wonderful templates in responsive design for HTML site. The interface of the Dynamic website is usually not more complicated than for a text editor. The main disadvantage of dynamic sites is the high costs of system resources.

Each time a user accesses a web server, applications for page generation and a database. A sharp increase in the number of visitors or requests means that the download speed of the site is falling.

What do the expert companies suggest?

If your company only requires an economic web page to show the products and services it offers then go for static. It can showcase the history and description of your company, its staff, mission, vision, etc. Static Website can have an elegant, colorful and functional look capable of fulfilling all your expectations within the mentioned limits.

However, if opt for dynamic website if you want a webpage where

  • You can make sales,
  • Have the chance to update the website yourself,
  • Store statistics of customers who shop in your web,
  • Update without much knowledge of designing